Well Hello 2012

Hey Everyone!

I am working on adding all of the updates that have come over the last patches. We will be moving a few different things here and there so stay tuned! Can’t wait to post some of the new stuff we’ve been working on! See you guys in a bit!

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The Enderman is a mob that will be introduced when 1.8 comes out. The Enderman are described as tall & lanky subjects. They are about 3 meters tall with long arms. The Enderman have the ability to pick up blocks and move them around. However they are usually peaceful and only become hostile when you place your cursor directly over them.

The Enderman stay frozen as long as you keep looking at them but the second you turn away they will come after you. If you get too far away from them they will teleport to you. The Enderman can teleport multiple times and is said to be able to teleport once per second.

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Automatic Animal Launcher

Here is a pretty cool video that posted on /r/Minecraft over at Reddit. Very cool setup! LOL at the sign titles. Low Orbit Colonization….rofl. Enjoy


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Minecraft 1.7

So psyched and can’t wait to go through a bunch of videos on this. Minecraft is one of those games that is constantly evolving and the changes that are made are rarely bad ones. I will be posting a ton of videos pretty soon so stay tuned!

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Minecraft Beta 1.7 Pistons

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Free Minecraft Accounts

Everyone on the internet is looking for a way to get a free minecraft account! Who could blame them? Minecraft has recently increased it’s pricing with beta so now people are having to dig a little deeper in their wallets to be able to get the game. Don’t worry there is a much much easier way to get a minecraft account for free! All you have to do is follow the instructions on this page to get free minecraft accounts.

Stop and take a few minutes and go claim your free minecraft account today!

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Minecraft Textures

Tired of the same old look of minecraft? Spice it up with new textures for your game! What you didn’t know you could change how things looked? Well you sure can all you have to do is go here and find some textures that you like and then download them! Magically your game looks brand new again!

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Download Minecraft

Download Minecraft Free today! Yeah it’s that simple! All you have to do is click the download button below!


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