Minecraft Mob Spawner

minecraft mob spawner

We received a comment from a viewer and wanted to shed some light for him and everyone else:

what is the mob spawner used for because i dont know what to do with it

Mob Spawners are blocks with a transparent blue lattice structure found in dungeons as a guardian to the treasure found within. Inside the block there are flames, though it does not give off any light, and a miniature model of the mob it spawns, continuously spinning and getting faster until the mob spawns in the area around the cage. However, if there is light to prevent this, it will just keep on spinning very fast. A spawner has a range of around five blocks, and it will continue to create mobs in any dark spaces within that area, even if there is a wall between the spawner and the destination, until these areas are lit up. This has led to many contraptions designed to kill whatever drops from it, usually a drowning trap, allowing the player to collect spoils in great numbers with little risk.

Mob Spawners will either spawn Spiders, Skeletons, or Zombies. Apparently, using the player’s fists to destroy the spawner is just as fast as using any of the tools. Spawners cannot be picked up by the player when destroyed, though they could be back in Indev, and doing so would make it spawn only pigs.

In Peaceful difficulty, Mob Spawner blocks will still appear, but any spawned mobs will disappear the instant they spawn. This makes it easy to make the aforementioned trap without any trouble.

Hope this helped. :) Happy Holidays!

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